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The advancement of education and vocational training for young and under-privileged people in Annang Land and its environs

The prevention or relief of poverty for orphans, widows and the disabled in Annang Land and its environs.

The support of those in need due to their youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages through projects in Annang Land and its environs

Raising awareness of the customs, arts, culture, heritage, festivals, and ceremonies of the Annang people towards promoting their cultural renaissance both in the UK and overseas

Our History

Our journey:

In the heart of the United Kingdom, a remarkable chapter in the tapestry of Annang heritage was woven. This chapter, known as Ati Annang Foundation United Kingdom (ATI UK), began its journey with unwavering determination and a shared passion for preserving our cultural roots.

The Birth of ATI UK:

In the annals of time, it all started in November 2010 when the seeds of ATI UK were sown, and our unit came into existence. By June 2011, we proudly emerged as a full-fledged Chapter. But our story isn’t confined to the UK alone; we are part of the grand tapestry of ATI ANNANG FOUNDATION, a global organization with its headquarters nestled in the picturesque town of Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State.

A Legacy of Unity:

Before 2010, the Annang diaspora in the United Kingdom and Ireland found solace under the banner of Afe Annang UK & Ireland. The genesis of this association can be traced back to the early 2000s, when visionary leaders met in the home of one of the oldest Annang son in the UK, Late Chief Ime Udoafa and decided to gather other Annang sons and daughters together. The first gathering was coordinated and led by Mr. Godswill Udoh. On that auspicious day, August 19, 2002, history was made at The Methodist Church Hall on Camberwell Road, London, SE5. The room buzzed with the energy of pioneers such as Mr. Godswill Udo, Mrs. Carol Udo, Mr. Godswill Udoh, Jr., Miss Blessing Udoh, Dr. Mike Ekong, Mr. Sebastian Koka, Miss Linda Roberts, Miss Edima Roberts, Miss Anieti Roberts, Dr. Ignatius Ekanem, Dr. Ini Smith, Mrs. Glory Smith, Miss Mary Enang, Mr. Uwem EkopUdom and Mr. Young Ekpenyong

A Shining Beacon of Leadership:

Dr. Ignatius Ekanem, stepped into the role of the first protem Chairman, paving the way for progress. Later, Mr. Chris Otoro of blessed memory took up the mantle of leadership, elected as President on September 20, 2003. He was succeeded by Mr. Sebastian Koka on 2005. When Mr. Koka left for Nigeria, Ms. Mary Enang became the acting President. The patrons chosen were: Late Chief B.P.Umoren, Late Dr Mike Eshiet, Late Chief Ime Udofa and. Mr. Isong Akpabio.

A Turning Point:

The winds of change blew in 2010 when Barrister Uduak Ukpeh, then President of Afe Annang, and Dr. Michael Eshiett of blessed memory, were introduced to a dynamic organiastion known as Ati Annang Foundation International. This encounter sparked a transformation. It led to the birth of ATI UK from the folds of Afe Annang UK & Ireland.

A New Beginning:

The pivotal moment arrived in July 2010 during a general meeting of Afe Annang UK & Ireland. Members voted to embrace the vision of Ati Annang Foundation International. And thus, in November 2010, within the elegant walls of Hilton Olympia, London, a Unit of Ati Annang Foundation was christened as Ati Annang Foundation (UK & Ireland).

A Grand Inauguration:

On June 11, 2011, history was written once more. Ati Annang Foundation (UK & Ireland) was officially inaugurated in a grand ceremony at Tottenham Hotspur Hall, London. The theme of that day was: “Dawn of a New Era”. Our chapter was now a reality, boasting a membership of over 30 passionate individuals.

Today and Beyond:

Our journey continues, guided by the spirit of unity, heritage preservation, and progress. As we look back on our history, we stand firm in our commitment to celebrate and preserve the vibrant Annang culture in the heart of the United Kingdom.

Welcome to Ati Annang Foundation United Kingdom, where the past shapes our future, and every day is a testament to our enduring legacy.

Emedi O!

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